Discover a country that is open to the world and others

Belgium is situated at the heart of Western Europe and counts more or less 10 million inhabitants.
The capital of Belgium is Brussels.
The total surface of Belgium amounts to 30.528 km2. Although Belgium is a rather small country, it has a lot of beautiful cities and wonderful green nature.
In Belgium the main languages are French and Dutch, besides English, Spanish and German that are also common languages.
The neighbour countries of Belgium are the Netherlands, Germany, Grand-Duchy-of-Luxembourg and France. In the east the borderline is the North Sea.
The currency is the euro as in the other EU member States.
Belgium has a moderated climate characterised by cool and humid summers and rather mild and rainy winters.

The national holidays are :

  • 1 January (New Year)
  • Easter and Easter Monday (variable dates)
  • 1 May (Labour Day)
  • Ascension (sixth Sunday after Easter)
  • Whit Sunday and Whit Monday (seventh Sunday and Monday after Easter)
  • National holiday : 21 July
  • 15 August (Ascension)
  • 1 November (All Saints)
  • 11 November (Armistice of 1918)
  • 25 December (Christmas)