Our services

AU PAIR Belgium takes care of the selection and recruitment of your au pair as well as of the placement procedure.
We recruit mainly non-European au pairs and collaborate amongst others with Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, South-Africa, Ukraine and Madagascar. Our local partners with whom we cooperate for many years as well as national and international organisations assist us with the selection and accurate evaluation of our au pairs in their home country.

The first step is to schedule a phone conversation with the host family so we can provide you all information about the Belgian au pair program and discuss in detail your expectations towards your future au pair. Then, we will send you the application file of at least 5 candidate au pairs who correspond with your search criteria. Per candidate, we send you at least 2 references, a motivation letter, a resume, copy of the school diploma, some photos and a copy of the passport. We also verify the au pair’s criminal background. These documents will inform you about the applicant’s age, nationality, language skills, education, interests, childcare experience, …

When you reviewed the application of the candidates, you will be able to contact him/her and schedule an interview. During this interview, you can get introduced, present your family and exchange useful information. When your choice is definite and the au pair confirmed that he/she wishes to become au pair in your family, AU PAIR Belgium will start the placement process. For non-europeans au pairs, we collect all documents required for the application of the work permit and the long stay visa. We will file the application with the competent public authorities and accurately follow-up on the processing of the documents in order to welcome your au pair in your family as soon as possible.

Please contact us if you wish to receive additional information about our services.

Duration of the placement process

The application of the work permit for non-European au pairs will take approximatively 3 to 6 weeks. The maximum validity of the work permit is 1 year and is not extendable. The duration of the visum application varies depending on the home country of the au pair (approximatively 1 to 2 weeks). The total duration of the placement process amounts to 2 to 3 months.
Since we collaborate with local agencies and accredited organisations in the home country of the au pairs, the placement process will take less time than usual.

Costs of the placement process

Besides the monthly pocket allowance of 450€ of the au pair, the following costs should be shouldered by the host family:

  • subscription fee for language courses in an accredited language school,
  • visa costs,
  • premium of the insurance covering medical, hospitalization and repatriation costs,
  • most host families bear part of the costs of the airplane tickets of the au pair (two ways),
  • our agency’s placement fee.

Please contact us if you wish to receive a detailed overview of the costs by em

During the stay of the au pair in your family

After the arrival of your au pair, AU PAIR Belgium will continue to assist you if you should have questions. The au pair can also contact us if she needs additional information. We organise amongst others events for au pairs where they can meet.

More than 97% of our placements are successful. If there should be a problem, we are at your disposal to mediate and look together for the most appropriate solution. If necessary, we will assist you with the termination of the placement, look for a new host family for the au pair or provide other solutions.

Who we are we ?

AU PAIR Belgium was founded in 2010 by Marie-Christine Rombouts and is today still managed by her.
The heart of our mission is to ensure that the cultural exchange is successful and that this experience enriches both the host family and the au pair. Hereto, we screen and recruit the best au pairs and we verify if the host family and the au pair have the right motivation. Furthermore, we accurately follow-up on the placement process in order to welcome the au pair as soon as possible in his/her host family and to guarantee that the au pairs stay is legal.
As a lawyer and active mother of two daughters, I welcome an au pair in our family for many years. Each year we look forward to host a new au pair and discover another culture. Today our children are besides fluent in French and Dutch also fluent in English. We get along immediately very well with our au pair because we openly communicate and give sufficient confidence. This way of childcare is undoubtedly challenging but also very enriching.”