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Selection, screening and placement

1.   Intake

Firstly we will schedule an appointment with you and we will come and visit you at your place during or after the office hours (as it suits you best). During this meeting we will discuss in detail your expectations regarding your future au pair, we will show you some examples of candidate au pair files and we will provide you with all useful information regarding the selection and placement process of an au pair. In order to draw up a profile of your family in an efficient way, we will also complete a questionnaire (or intake form). If you so wish, you can fill in this questionnaire online and register as a host family online. This registration is free of charge.


This appointment takes about 1,5 hour. If this is possible, we prefer to meet both the host mother and the host father.

2. Selection and screening

If you decide after this appointment to hire our services for the selection and placement of an au pair in your family, we will start the search for and selection of a suitable au pair. Within 3 business days after your decision to work with our agency, we will present you at least five candidates that meet your requests.

Our candidate au pairs have been srutinously selected and thoroughly screened by us. Our local agents and recognised national and international organisations assist us herewith.

We will provide you with an extensive information package about each candidate and some photos. This information package consists amongst others of a detailed questionnaire completed by the au pair, a motivation letter and at least two reference letters. The language skills of the au pairs have also been thoroughly tested. These documents will provide you information about the candidate's childcare experience, skills, lifestyle, interests and hobbies, family background, education, etc.

We will provide you the contact details of each candidate au pair so you can communicate with the candidates directly and get introduced to each other before you make any commitment to become their host family. Once you have chosen your preferred candidate, we can start the placement process.


3.   Placement

We advise you and commit ourselves to make the placement process crisp and clear. Together with you we will collect all required documents and complete the application file. We will file the application with the competent authorities. We follow up the application and we will do our utmost to legally place the au pair as soon as possible in your family.

During the application process we will assist you and will provide you all useful information. 

After the arrival of the au pair we assist your family with the au pair's integration. We organise for example events for our au pairs where they can meet and share experiences. If there would be a dispute or any other problem, we can intermediate, try to conciliate and find a solution together with you.